Open Wardrobes: The Theater and Writing of T. James Belich
Illinois Jane and the Pyramid of Peril
by T. James Belich

Genre: Adventure comedy
Length: 55 minutes
Total Cast: 8 (1 woman, 3 men, 4 men or women)
Set: Representational
Royalties:    $40 per performance
Performance Rights:     Contact Pioneer Drama Service at

When the map to a pyramid lost for 3000 years is discovered, it is up to the greatest adventure hero of all time to unlock its mysteries... Dr. Illinois Jane, cartographer extraordinaire!   Along with her faithful sidekick, Sid Knickerbock, Illinois Jane must stop the evil Frenchman Pierre LeMalodeur from reaching the pyramid first and stealing the Elixir of Life, the secret to immortality.   With it the Frenchman would be free to wreak his fiendish French plans on an unsuspecting world.   But our illustrious heroine and reluctant sidekick are hot on his trail, determined to ensure that in the time-honored way of things the villain is vanquished.    Along the way Illinois Jane must brave booby traps beyond description, face down pirates, and even fight off the stench of French henchmen on top of a moving train.   Meeting all these challenges and more with style and panache, Illinois Jane rushes to the rescue in a harrowing climax as she matches wits with LeMalodeur in the heart of the Pyramid of Peril!

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Sound Effects

The following sound effects may be used free of charge by anyone producing an authorized production of Illinois Jane and the Pyramid of Peril (see Performance Rights above).  For all other uses please contact T. James Belich.
     Stone doors slamming shut   MP3 or WAV
     Stone doors opening   MP3 or WAV
     Stone ceiling coming down   MP3 or WAV
     Stone ceiling going up   MP3 or WAV
     Boulder crashing to the ground      MP3 or WAV (Not yet available)
     Boulder rolling   MP3 or WAV

Selected Production History

Illinois Jane and the Pyramid of Peril has been performed around the United States and around the world.  Here are a few of its productions:

It was first performed by the Hodge-Podge Players in the Twin Cities, Minnesota on June 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th, 2004.   It was directed by Jaron Burdick with the following cast:

      DR. ILLINOIS JANE    Kelly Belich
      SID KNICKERBOCKChris Bowlsby
      PIERRE LEMALODEUR      Kevin Whitby
      CLAUDESarah Cadorette
      MARCELLEAmanda Zenk
      DR. THADEUS JANENathan Wagner
      CAPTAIN NOBEARDBradley McCoy
      TIN TOE TERRYLisa Barnes

Illinois Jane and the Pyramid of Peril was also performed by Sauk Rapids-Rice High School in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota in January of 2006.   It was directed by Julie Christenson with the following cast:

      DR. ILLINOIS JANE    Rachel Brewster
      SID KNICKERBOCKCorey Getchell
      PIERRE LEMALODEUR      Cory Nook
      CLAUDECassie Martin
      MARCELLESarah Mo
      DR. THADEUS JANEAaron Johnson
      CAPTAIN NOBEARDNathan Gilbertson
      TIN TOE TERRYKatie Lewandowski
      HATSHEPSUTElizabeth Bernhardt

Illinois Jane and the Pyramid of Peril was also performed by the Franklin Players in Johannesburg, South Africa in April of 2006.   It was directed by Dylan Moss with the following cast:

      DR. ILLINOIS JANE    Melany Broodryk-Uys
      SID KNICKERBOCKJeremy Forsyth
      PIERRE LEMALODEUR      Reece Rohland
      CLAUDETamara Penstone
      MARCELLEJohn Atkinson
      DR. THADEUS JANEHennie Greyvenstein
      CAPTAIN NOBEARDRicky Veale