Open Wardrobes: The Theater and Writing of T. James Belich
Light Never Dies
by T. James Belich

Genre: Fantasy
Length: 150 minutes
Total Cast: 25 (8 women, 11 men, 6 men or women) – Doubling possible
Set: Representational
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The Kingdom of Alterra sends an expedition across the Great Sea which awakens an ancient enemy, the Ba'rak, who are now bent on conquering those who disturbed them.  As King Welscian prepares his kingdom to confront its new enemy, the White Wizard Rayasei journeys across the sea with his apprentice to battle the Ba'rak first.  His arrival is betrayed by two others from Alterra, Crollaro and the Dark Sorceress Mirikay, who have agreed to aid the Ba'rak Emperor in its quest to conquer Alterra.  Rayasei escapes the Ba'rak and embarks upon a quest for wisdom in which lies not just the fate of Alterra, but the entire world.  Armed with the Book of Toral, which Mirikay has stolen from Rayasei, the Ba'rak march unhindered towards the capital of Alterra, Castle Dorian.  The dark spells Mirikay weaves feed a Great Darkness which threatens to consume all the world.  In his goal to prevent it, Rayasei comes face to face with the Weird Sisters, the Fates themselves, and learns that the paths to Light and Darkness often appear as the other.  He returns to Alterra to confront the forces of the Ba'rak and make the choice upon which rests the fate of all.

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Production History

Light Never Dies was first performed as a play reading on April 5th, 1997, in the Bethel College Black Box Theatre with the following cast:

      NARRATORKatherine Juul
      THE WE¤RD SISTERSTessa Raisanen, Kim Treague, and Beth Eiserloh
      QUEEN CALINADayna Anderson
      RAYASEI WHITERandy "Caz" Miller
      TORAL WHITEOliver Grudem
      VOLAKAR CRIMSONAaron Rendahl
      KING WELSCIANPatrick Pelham
      BEURAKI SKYDave Olson
      TROVALI GRAYPatrick Weber
      NIRIMAY GREENJoy McClain
      BA'RAK SORCERERLaura McDonnell
      DUKE CROLLAROJosh Holm
      MIRIKAY SHADOWCarrie Oleson
      BA'RAK EMPERORNadine Grant
      AMBASSADOR OF TRIZERA   Patrick Weber
      LADY OHAIRNAJoy McClain
      ANKARTI WHITEPatrick Weber
      FIRST MATEDoug Durnick
      NUMORI WHITEJoy McClain
      WATCHER OF THE LIGHTDoug Durnick
      BRAWYN WHITEPatrick Weber
      A WHITE WIZARDDoug Durnick