Open Wardrobes: The Theater and Writing of T. James Belich
A Slip in Time
by T. James Belich

Genre: Murder mystery
Length: 90 minutes
Total Cast: 14 (4 women, 7 men, 3 men or women) – Doubling possible
Set: One interior set (no set changes)
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The play begins as Detective Datch Hudson receives a visit from a mysterious visitor who informs him that all the guests in a nearby house are to be murdered during a party.  When the party begins the following evening all are unaware of the impending danger... until the guests start dying.  A clue to the motive behind the killings is found in a mysterious telegram which reads, "They say a stitch in time saves nine.  But beware, a slip in time kills nine." Detective Hudson soon finds himself at the center of a conspiracy which revolves around the research of Dr. Lance Rice.  His specialty: Time travel.  As the "party" continues Detective Hudson must delve deeper and deeper into the secret pasts of the eight guests in an effort to discover the truth behind the murders and their connection to Dr. Rice's time slip research.  But one question continues to plague the detective: If a slip in time kills nine, then who is the ninth?

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Production History

A Slip in Time was first performed by the Willerby Methodist Drama Group in Kingston-upon-Hull, England on November 6th, 7th, and 8th, 1997.  It was directed by Tym Huckin with the following cast:

      DATCH HUDSONDave McCready
      DR. LANCE RICESean Wilson
      LENYA MARITZABarbara Flowers
      BUTLERJeremy Cook
      FLORENCE RAULICharlotte Walker
      WILLIAM MACDONALDChris Dunnachie
      TELEGRAM DELIVERERStuart Hickson
      JEAN-LUC LEMAYTym Huckin
      MARIE ARLINAnne Brabbs
      JACK ANDERSONRob Watkinson
      PHYSICIANAndy Wharam
      SERGEANT ROBERT PARSON      Dave Wescott
      OFFICER ROLANBarry Cowle

A Slip in Time was also performed by the Bayside Youth Theatre Ensemble in Mordialloc, Australia on November 29th, 30th, and 31st, 1997.  It was directed by George Iliakis.  (Cast information not available.)

A Slip in Time was also performed by Van Buren High School in Van Buren, Arkansas on April 6th and 7th, 2001.  It was directed by Pamela Bibbs with the following cast:

      DATCH HUDSONDustyn Brewer
      DR. LANCE RICESeth Lathrop
      LENYA MARITZAKaty Wilkins
      BUTLERGreg Hurst
      FLORENCE RAULIJennifer Jerrell/Amber Harris
      WILLIAM (WILHEMENA) MACDONALD      Marisa Renaud/Alicia Lindsey
      AGENT BROCKTONRussell Moore
      JEAN-LUC LEMAYDustin Seaton
      MARIE ARLINBetty Phansiri/Cherise Pritchett
      JACK (JACKIE) ANDERSONSusie Najarro
      PHYSICIANRussell Moore
      SERGEANT ROBERT PARSON      Dustin Seaton
      OFFICER ROLANMandy Osborne/Brandi Daunis

A Slip in Time was also performed by the Te Awamutu College at the Little Theatre in Te Awamutu, New Zealand on October 16th, 17th, and 18th, 2001.  It was directed by Patrick Jansen with the following cast:

      DATCH HUDSONNathaniel Lee
      DR. LANCE RICEAndre Maragfoou
      LENYA MARITZAThanaa Mahjeed
      BUTLERSam Christopher
      FLORENCE RAULIDanelle Barugh
      WILLIAM MACDONALDMickey Hughes
      TELEGRAM DELIVERERChristina Draize
      JEAN-LUC LEMAYElai Verhaij
      MARIE ARLINJennifer Weal
      JACK ANDERSONChris Dimery
      PHYSICIANSam Christopher
      SERGEANT ROBERT PARSON      Aroha Raukawa
      OFFICER ROLANJessica Melville

A Slip in Time was also performed by Granger High School in Granger, Washington on May 21st and 22nd, 2003.   It was directed by Bill Roulston.  (Cast information not available.)

A Slip in Time was also performed by Whiteoak High School in Mowrystown, Ohio on April 7th, 8th, and 9th, 2006.  It was directed by Sarah Lomske with the following cast:

      DR. LACY (LANCE) RICETava Combs
      LENYA MARITZABriana Hooley
      FLORENCE RAULIBethany Lomske
      MARIE ARLINLorinda Hooley
      JACK ANDERSONDavid Groves
      SERGEANT BOBBI (ROBERT) PARSON      Julia Tallieu
      OFFICER ROLANPamela Coffey

A Slip in Time was also performed by LaRue County High School in Hodgenville, Kentucky on May 12th, 2009.  It was directed by Caleb Phelps with the following cast:

      DATCH HUDSONJohn Marr
      DR. LANCE RICETobi Chirunga
      LENYA MARITZAAutumn Kidd
      MAIDKristen Wells
      CLARANCE MACDONALDBlake Whitlock
      FLORENCE RAULIAshley Stearman
      WILLIAM MACDONALDMichael Large
      TELEGRAM DELIVERERMary Beth Brennan
      JEAN-LUC LEMAYAlex Thomas
      MARIE ARLINJessica Underwood
      JACK ANDERSONNathan Paden
      PHYSICIANChristian Cox
      OFFICER ROLANDestiny Walker
A Slip in Time was also performed by International Academy of Suriname, Paramaribo, Suriname, South America in April of 2010.   It was directed by Conner Armstrong.  (Cast information not available.)