Open Wardrobes: The Theater and Writing of T. James Belich
The Wind in the Willows
by T. James Belich
adapted from the novel by Kenneth Grahame

Genre: Drama
Length: 80-90 minutes
Total Cast: 21 (2 women, 1 man, 18 men or women) – Extras and doubling possible
Set: Representational
Royalties:    $75 per performance
Performance Rights:     Contact Playscripts, Inc. at

A new adaptation which captures the spirit of this timeless classic.

The call of spring draws the reclusive Mole from underground and into the busy life of the River.  There Mole makes the acquaintance of the Water Rat, but their peaceful summer of fishing, boating and swimming is soon interrupted by the rich but impetuous Toad, who falls prey to one craze after another.  His latest obsession is motorcars and his furious driving soon has the entire River in an uproar.  Despite the best efforts of Mole, Rat, and the gruff Badger, Toad crashes car after car and when his friends prevent him from buying another, Toad instead steals one and lands himself in jail!  Mole and Badger keep watch over Toad Hall, hopeful that Toad will soon return, but when the Weasels and Ferrets of the Wild Wood invade Toad Hall, even Mole and Badger wonder if this will be the end of Toad.  But the ever-resourceful Toad manages to escape from prison (dressed as a washerwoman!) and together with his friends devises a plan to storm and retake Toad Hall.  As all the animals of the River gather to celebrate Toad's return, the humbled animal promises from now on to be "a very different Toad"!

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